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About us

Since September 2003 We sell alot of Figures, Vehicles, Creatures and others from Star Wars, and items from other movies /series like: Aliens, Predator, AvP, Matrix, Lord of the Rings, Hellboy, Muppets, Star Trek ( for example ), Collector Supplies like Star Cases und Actionstands and Custom Blister for Action Figures. We also sell a little Collection of RC - Cars, Lego Items and Surprise eggs Figures ( -Ei Figures ).
( arround 5000 Surprise Eggs in stock! Please send us a searchlist - the surprise Eggs Area is currently offline!! )

How we say - since Sep. 2003 our Shop is online with a hard Customerscircle (and my english not the best *fg*) - In these place we would say Many Thanks to all our Customers for the fidelity and your trust!!!

On the occasion of the cinema start to Star Wars Episode 3 ( Pre-Premiere on 18.05.2005) we had a small sales- and infostand in the "Cinestar" cinema in Guetersloh. There are pictures of the Event here !

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