Wie Bestellen

How to order?

In an online shop you order online via the self-starter shop system (logical;)).
Orders can also be accepted by phone! Our telephone +49 (05187/301152) is not busy around the clock!
The best way to reach it is between 12:00 and 20:00! It would be an advantage if you have the article numbers at hand!

How to pay?

Payment can preferably be made by bank transfer (advance payment).

We also offer the possibility of payment by Paypal or cash.

With a payment rate in cash, the rate is the same, but only superior for a certain security or pickup!

We do not offer cash on delivery!

Important for all payments:

Send the money after sending the order (except Paypal) !!! Only with a change of status of your order to "In progress" is guaranteed that we have received all items. In the revenge of the shooting the article in the shop.

Shopping on site?

Since we are just an online shop and do not offer a retail store, you can not "just so" once proceed to pick up your order or to browse a little.

That is already possible. Please let us know that you would like to call, please write an e-mail to an appointment - even if someone has this wish.


Pre-orders (pre-orders) of future appearing articles we have not officially integrated in our shop. This "prominent" bid basically bid only on customers and a fair price for customers who are not satisfied with this item. Of course you can also send an e-mail with your "Pre-order Wish" for your personal interview price! We will give you, as soon as possible, the right price and stop if desired the Pre-order!
Pre-orders are possible but only by e-mail!

Sign up for the newsletter?

Among other things, based on the General Data Protection Regulation (DS-GVO), we do not offer you a newsletter.